Aisling Brock


ARTE Roofing and Exteriors is a Calgary-based roofing company who wanted to do things a bit “out of the box” and create a striking design to attract new clients.


For this project the client really wanted to do something a little ‘out of the ordinary.’

They wanted to draw attention to the major sections of their site from the get-go, and incorporate a lot of imagery.



I decided to make a grid, and then to place boxes around the page like building blocks, some overlapping others. The photos are inset, as if viewing them through a window. I hope that the site conveys the idea of  building materials (such as shingles) coming together to complete one structure.

A Bit About Me

I am Aisling1: a designer of many mediums, although my passion lies in web design and front end development.

I am Canadian, currently based in Brighton, England.

I got my start as a preteen who wanted to make her blog look pretty, and here I am, 16 years later, with a post secondary education in New Media Production & Design and several years of agency experience in my repertoire.

When I am not designing, I enjoy travelling to big cities or tiny islands, baking gluten free treats and taking photos. You can see these things in action on my blog, Anthologie.

1. Say it like "Ashleen."

Curriculum Vitae

  • LoyaltyLion - London, UK

    Front End Developer / Designer

    January 2017 - Present

  • Lime Global - London, UK

    UI/UX Designer

    June 2016 - December 2016

  • Message Digital Design - Brighton, UK

    Front End Developer / Designer

    August 2013 - June 2016

  • Twist Marketing - Calgary, Canada

    Web Production Designer

    June 2011 - June 2013