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A Very Brief Visit to Switzerland

Last week, I went on my first work trip with my new job. We were kicking off a new project, so we needed to visit the offices of our client in Switzerland. It was a very brief trip, but I snapped a few photos that I thought I would share. While most of the visit was spent in a meeting room, we did see a few little bits. Our first night was spent in Zurich. We ate raclette and walked along the river near our hotel. The next morning, I made sure to wake up extra early (5am UK time!)…
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Hi there, I'm Aisling. I'm a Canadian creative UI & UX designer, based in England. I live in the lovely city of Brighton with my partner, Katy, and our dog, Poppy. I love to cook, write and take photographs. I’m also interested in the 1940s and vintage style.

This is my (sporadically written and often neglected) blog where I occasionally write about the above things.

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