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Returning to Office Life After Two and a Half Years

I’ve officially been back to working in an office Monday to Friday, 9 to 5, for a month! So I thought I’d write a little post about how I am adjusting to this return to what most people find to be a “normal” routine. I can’t lie… I’m really enjoying it! For one, I previously was working 9-6, so even just having the work day be an hour shorter has been a very positive change. The hours go by very quickly both by virtue of this slightly shorter day, the fact that I tend to take lunch from 1 until…
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Hi there, I'm Aisling. I'm a Canadian creative UI & UX designer, based in England. I live in the lovely city of Brighton with my partner, Katy, and our dog, Poppy. I love to cook, write and take photographs. I’m also interested in the 1940s and vintage style.

This is my (sporadically written and often neglected) blog where I occasionally write about the above things.

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