Starting a Bullet Journal

May 21, 2018  • 

I love planners, but I’m awful at using one. The longest I’ve gone was the year I had an Erin Condren, and I made it until the end of June. I just recently gave up on my planner from the beginning of the year, which had an hourly format. I found that I didn’t need an hourly breakdown, and mostly just used the To Do list on the side.

So, here I am, the last person on Earth to ever start a bullet journal.

My bullet journal open on the table with a weekly spread.

I’ve always loved the concept of them, but when they first hit the mainstream I was deeply in lust with the Erin Condren – which I lovingly made themes for each week, cutting out stickers to fit the many boxes. This ended up taking too much time, but I’ve always liked the ability to be a bit more creative.

I have about 10 spare notebooks, but nevertheless, I’ve ordered a new grey Leuchtturm, which is my favourite. I’ve kept the front of my journal for planning and scheduling. At the back, I’ve begun adding various “collections” – budget trackers, meal planning tools, to do lists for this website, etc. The obvious goal is for them to meet in the middle and then for me to start a new book. But I’ve already mentioned my track record.

A doodle of a hanging plant next to the word "Wishlist."

Still, I’m excited about the creativity alongside the flexibility. I’ve already made a few “mistakes.” I began by using coloured fine liner markers on some pages and in 2 collections. But then I quickly discovered that I prefer the look of simple black pens. I think it looks a little bit more chic, architectural, vintage, pretty… am I just listing generic words?

So, going forward my “bullet journal kit” will involve my favourite black Muji 0.38mm gel pens, black fine liners and a pencil for sketching. I may add a single accent colour, or add colour via washi tape and other bits of paper. But overall I want anything handwritten to be black.

An open notebook with 2 pens and a pencil on top.

I’ll keep you posted on how it goes… or you will never hear about it again as I abandon yet another planner in my desk drawer until Katy gets fed up and uses the pages for shopping lists.

An open notebook with 2 pens and a pencil on top.

Thank you for reading!

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