Behind the Scenes: May

May 31, 2018  • 

On my past blogs, I’ve done little monthly chatty roundups on the month in general and anything that didn’t make it to my blog. Now I post even less about what I’m up to on here, so I decided to bring them back as a little casual feature. Something to break up the automated Instagram digest posts, if you will.

For the past two years, May has been an exceptionally busy month. Katy used to work the fringe theatre festival in Brighton, and her schedule was all over the place with 14 hour days. This left me to keep the house running, make sure she had food and left me with a lot of alone time. This year, she decided to stop doing Fringe, so we got to spend a lot more time together.

We kicked off the month in Salisbury for my friends Katy & Alex’s wedding. We spent the first of May exploring the medieval city, which was actually the first place I ever lived in the UK, albeit only for a month or so. Although I had lived there, I’d never actually been inside the famous Cathedral, so that was something we explored together for the first time. I really love cathedrals, it’s a strange niche interest of mine.

The rest of the month was fairly chilled out. We went for a hike up Devil’s Dyke on the first long weekend. I’ve had a cough since December so I finally saw a doctor, had a chest x-ray and had a lung function test… all for nothing, apparently as they found nothing wrong, although I still have a bad cough. And I started a bullet journal, which I am still using thus far.

The last two weeks, we’ve been dog/house sitting for Katy’s parents in Goring by Sea. It’s been lovely to take the dogs out for walks in the countryside. It’s been slightly tricky working from here, though, as the Internet speeds are not the best.

Coincidentally, the monthly Sussex Cavachon walk took place at Highdown Gardens, which is a half hour’s walk from Katy’s parents’. We went along for the first time and met some lovely people and their doggies who are all Poppy clones!

On the second bank holiday Monday, we wandered down to the seafront and had brunch at Bluebird Café on the beach in Ferring. Well, Katy had brunch, I was so hot from the sun that I opted for cake and a milkshake. Whenever gluten free cake is available, you need to TAKE IT. You never know when it will happen again.

Now, it’s the last day of the month and pouring with rain outside. Tomorrow and Monday I’m back in London for work, so it was my last day of working with less-than-fab Internet, and I will be back in Brighton full time from Monday evening. I’m going to miss the peace and quiet, not to mention having a large house all to ourselves!

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