Playing with Film

June 5, 2018  • 

Like most of us, I haven’t really touched a film camera since everything went digital, and especially since I can take amazing photos on my phone (a Google Pixel 2, if you were wondering). A few years ago, I bought a trio of disposable cameras on a whim and then promptly popped them in a box and forgot about them. When we moved flats at the beginning of April I unearthed them. I decided to just take the camera out while I walked Poppy. Some of these photos are from a Saturday walking around Hove and some are from our recent time spent in Ferring.

While I definitely enjoyed playing with film, it turns out that I really prefer digital. I’m too impatient to wait for photos to develop, it’s quite expensive, and I ended up playing it safe with rather boring subjects. Not to mention the handful of photos that I took inside without flash that developed as grey blobs.

I still have one camera left, so I might try to be a bit more adventurous with the next one!

A stack of printed photos on a MacBook Pro keyboard on grey carpetFlowers in Dyke Road Park, HoveA lovely tree-covered path in Goring-by-Sea2 film strip negativesA wrought iron gate with a path leading to a white doorA plant maze in Dyke Road Park, HoveAn open notebook with a printed photo on one of the pages Looking across the fields from a wooded area in Goring-by-Sea.

A stack of printed photos on a MacBook Pro keyboard on grey carpet

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