Behind the Scenes: June

June 30, 2018  • 

Wow, where did June go? Scrolling through my photos for this post I realised that while the month went by fairly quickly, I didn’t actually do that much! At least, I didn’t take photos of anything! I have a few, though, so let’s get into it.

Game of Thrones Concert Experience

A view of the Game of Thrones concert stage

In mid-June, Katy and I went to the Game of Thrones Concert Experience. I’m sure you can gather from the name, but it was a big orchestral concert featuring music from Game of Thrones. They played a bunch of video montages and there were loads of cool effects (fire!!!).

I cried during some particularly sad moments, and I absolutely loved the Light of the Seven piece. It’s one of the very few instances when piano is used in Game of Thrones. The rest of the show was filled with obscure instruments from around the world, and amazing choral pieces. It’s a bit extreme to hear people singing in made up languages!

The tour is over now, but if they ever do another one I would definitely go again!

 Persephone Books

There’s a cute little bookstore in London near my work that I’ve been meaning to visit all year and I finally got around to it a few weeks ago! It’s called Persephone Books, an independent publisher that specialises in reprinting neglected writing from the 20th century, mostly by women. The shop is stacked with books, as they publish 128 titles.

The books themselves are lovely. They each have matching grey covers. Inside each title is a unique pattern and they each come with a bookmark in the same pattern. I now have two of their books, and I’d love to add to my collection.

I’d highly recommend swinging by their shop if you’re around Bloomsbury. If not, check out their website. They have a pretty cool subscription service, where you can select a book for each month of the year, and they will send one each month. They also have some boxsets designed to be given as gifts. For example, a set that would be a lovely wedding gift.

Persephone Books, London

Books on a shelf at Persephone Books

Dayrooms Café, Holborn

The same lunch time I visited Persephone, I stumbled upon the Holborn branch of the Dayrooms Café, which is very close to my work. I was drawn in by the lovely pink shades of their coffee machine and paper cups, the patterned tiled floor, and loads of plants.

I was also pleasantly surprised to find they had gluten free banana bread. Banana bread is one of my favourite things ever. I will definitely need to pop in more often, when I’m in the office!

A pink coffee machine at the Dayrooms Cafe in Holborn Banana bread on a plate.

Sprucing up my workspace

We moved into this flat at the beginning of April, but I only got around to adding a bit of decor to my workspace area this month. I got one of these white metal grid noticeboards off Amazon, and some rose gold binder clips. I haven’t added too much to the board yet, but I did stick up a few photos I’ve taken, as well as prints from Lizzie and Jemma.

My home workspace

The print by Lizzie hits close home to me. It says “Dreams don’t work unless you do.” I had a bit of a weird month and I felt like I was in a bit of a slump, but near the middle of the month I took some active steps to turn that around. The print is no longer available, but you can get it on a notebook, which is just as nice, really!

The print from Jemma’s shop I actually got months and months ago, but didn’t want to put it on my wall at the old flat, as we were planning to move. I absolutely love the colours, especially because they’re a bit bolder than the blush pink tones I’m usually drawn toward. It’s really stunning in person.

This month I also got one of Jemma’s rainbow pins, which I also added to my workspace, pinned to my penholder alongside another pin that I find inspirational when it comes to productivity.

A close up of a pen holder and a vase with faux flowers.

So, yes, overall June was a quiet month! We’ve mostly been enjoying the weather and spending time in our garden. July will be a completely different story, however. Next Saturday we’re seeing The Cure, before flying to Canada for two weeks. Our trip to Canada is completely scheduled full of events, so there should be lots of Instagram posts, and hopefully some blog posts when we get back!

Persephone Books, London

Thank you for reading!

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