The Blinky One’s Guide to Tubing Mascara

July 11, 2018  • 

Note: This post was originally published in March 2017. I know I haven’t posted anything about cosmetics, or any kind of products in general, on this blog. But I stand by this as being extremely useful information for blinky people such as myself. As a bonus, I’ve added a very inexpensive cruelty free option to the end of the post!

My eyes are sensitive little snowflakes. They’re always irritated and watering. I blink way more than the average person. And my eyelids themselves are oily and hooded, making eye makeup pretty challenging (plus I wear glasses so you can’t see my expert blending skills anyway).

Three mascara tubes laying on an open magazine

I also have small eyes so mascara is kind of a necessity to open those bad boys up. But I can’t just wear any mascara. Benefit’s They’re Real has something in it that I’m allergic to. Too Faced’s Better than Sex makes me look like Alice Cooper. Basically any mascara that I pick up on a whim is going to be raccoon city.

A few years ago, however, I learned about tubing mascaras. If you’ve ever had problems with smudgy mascara you need to try one of these.

Today I’ve picked out 3 of my favourite tubing mascaras and there’s something for everyone. Any of these would be a good bet, but I will go into detail as well so you can find a good fit!

In general, the common thread between this type of mascara is that the formula coats your lashes and envelops them in a bit of a plastic tube. This stays put until you remove it with warm water. I usually need to wet a cotton pad and hold it on each eye for about 30 seconds before wiping it off. It can be a bit of a faff, but at least you know it won’t be coming off when your eyes water because a slight breeze picked up.

Once they’re set, they’re set, so you need to be quick when applying. And you won’t be able to touch up during the day as it won’t stick… but you really shouldn’t need to anyhow!

No 7 Stay Perfect Long Lasting Volume

The No 7 Stay Perfect was the first tubing mascara I ever tried. I believe I picked it up after seeing it on the blog I Covet Thee. If I remember correctly, Alix used it on her bottom lashes because she had problems with smudging.

No7 Stay Perfect Mascara

Tubing mascaras don’t really provide dramatic lashes on their own, so the look is definitely more natural. A primer can help add a bit more volume. But the No 7 option is solid with little to no smudging. The cruelty free status of No7 is a bit shady, but from what I could tell they do not test on animals and also don’t sell in China. It’s easily available in Boots, but perhaps trickier to get a hold of outside of the UK.

I am just going to go ahead and say that this mascara is definitely my favourite in this post.

L’Oreal Double Extension Beauty Tubes

If you want a slightly more dramatic look, this L’Oreal option is a good bet as it comes with a primer on one end and the tubing mascara on the other. The effect is definitely more noticeable than the No 7.

L'Oreal Double Extenstion Beauty Tubes Mascara

Of course you can layer another primer beneath one of the other tubing mascaras in this post, but these two are obviously formulated to work together. Plus they’re conveniently attached.

The main downside to any L’Oreal product is of course their policies on animal testing. Personally, I am making a conscious effort to eliminate non-cruelty free products from my arsenal, so I will not be repurchasing this.

However, L’Oreal is ubiquitous, so this product should be easy to find in most high street/drugstore chains.

DHC Perfect Pro Double Protection

As a hard-core tubing mascara fan, I nearly squealed with delight when I read Emma Watson’s post on In the Gloss. She named DHC Perfect Pro Double Protection as her favourite and mentioned its staying power on long shoots and like magic it was in my basket, bought, and on its way with a next day delivery.

This mascara is similar to the No 7 in its natural application, although I do find it smudges a tiny bit. Still, I love the simplistic packaging and the tiny brush really allows you to coat every lash.

DHC Tubing Mascara

I believe the cruelty free status of this one is a bit tricky. It is technically not tested on animals, but is sold in China,  where they test on animals by law. Emma claims to make a few exceptions such as this where the quality of the product makes her life a bit easier.

e.l.f. 3-in-1 Mascara

As I’m updating this post in 2018, I thought I would add an additional tubing mascara find. Now, this one is really special because 1) e.l.f. is a Leaping Bunny certified brand, so this is definitely cruelty free. And 2) e.l.f. is a very cost effective brand, so this mascara costs a whopping £3.

I don’t have any photos of this one, unfortunately, as I used my tube and I’ve been endeavouring to use some other mascaras in my stash.

As mentioned, there are the upsides to the mascara, such as its CF status and price. It’s also a decent enough tubing mascara. It doesn’t give crazy volume, or anything, but it’s also pretty hardy in terms of staying on your lashes.

Its brush is a bit annoying, as it has a sort of “bulb” on the end that I have no use for. And it did dry out really quickly. I noticed that the packaging has been redesigned in the last couple of months, so it would be interesting to see if that helps with the dry out at all. At £3 per tube it’s not costly to replace it when it dries out, although as with most mascaras the packaging is plastic, so you’d definitely be increasing your plastic usage!

Still, it’s definitely worth giving a go, especially if you want to try the concept of a tubing mascara without the investment!

As I said, there really is something for everyone! There’s no need to live your life trying to fruitlessly wipe away the dregs of mascara pooling beneath your eyes! It really is a lot more liberating than you might think, after years of dealing with smudging mascara on my watery, blinky eyes.

If you’ve tried another tubing mascara (there are others out there!) let me know what you thought and if you think they’re worth adding to my stash!

Three mascara tubes laying on an open magazine

Thank you for reading!

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