You Won’t Always Be The CEO

July 18, 2018  • 

Since the industrial revolution until fairly recently the workplace has done things a certain way. The hierarchy and structure of the 9 to 5 hasn’t changed drastically, and then all of a sudden, in the age of the Internet, we’re caught up in a storm of people becoming freelancers and working remotely.

But where the obvious restrictions of a life working for The Man has fallen away, have we in turn trapped ourselves behind a wall of expectations that comes with the idea of Being Your Own Boss?

In a world of #GirlBosses (a term I hate), it’s almost becoming a bit strange to not quit your day job and follow your dreams. I’ve definitely been on the end of many a tweet or Facebook status, encouraging a friend to take a risk and fly free, despite keeping my own feet planted firmly on the ground. Do I want to see them succeed, thus allowing me to believe my own wild dreams could come true? Or do I want them to fail; to justify my own resistance to strike out on my own and brave the world of self-employment?

A laptop, notebooks and flowers sit on a desk next to a hand holding a cup of tea.

Like many people, I have lofty goals. I’ll share it with you now: my dream is to own a boutique design agency working with independent brands. And I have many of the tools available to me to make this a reality. I have a post-secondary education in New Media. I have over 6 years experience working professionally in design. And I have a genuine passion for design, particularly things that involve a lot of texture and detail.

But I’m not done learning yet. And I’m not ready to throw myself into the deep end. And that’s okay.

People are no longer making long term goals.

People are no longer taking baby steps.

You wouldn’t see a first-year surgical intern decide to go freelance and there are excellent reasons for that.

You won’t always be the CEO. Sometimes you have to take your time, do your dues to the industry, and learn in a safely salaried arena. It doesn’t mean you won’t be your own boss; it just means you won’t necessarily be your own boss right now.

Women in their 20s and 30s have enough pressure put on them by society without adding 24/7 work to the equation. Stay in your own lane – it won’t necessarily be the fast lane, but it’s your lane.

A laptop, notebooks and flowers sit on a desk next to a hand holding a cup of tea.

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