Canadian Summer Holiday

July 20, 2018  • 

We just got back from 10 days in Canada! Specifically, we were in Calgary and area, which is my hometown. It was Katy’s first trip to Calgary (she’s been to BC, as her sister in law is from the Island), and her first time meeting my family! It was a jam-packed trip. We explored the city, popped up to Edmonton to visit Fort Edmonton Park and have a barbecue with family, and spent some time in the mountains.

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, so I’ve decided to make this post a photo diary. I will break things down into categories based on location, but basically this is going to be 40+ photos in a row. Sorry if you’re not on wifi!


Fireworks at the Calgary Stampede Fireworks at the Calgary Stampede An aerial photo of the Calgary Stampede The Calgary skyline A tower of macronsOllia macaron shop in Calgary A dish of macarons

Fort Edmonton Park

Okay, this needs a little explanation. Basically, Canada is a very young country. Our oldest things in Western Canada are a bit over 100 years old. Fort Edmonton is a collection of old buildings meant to preserve our history. You start out at the old Hudson’s Bay Company trading fort from the 1700s. Then there’s a bit of a street meant to emulate the area in 1885. Then a bit for 1905. And finally a 1925 midway.

Blankets and jars on a shelf in an old trading fort. A street in Fort Edmonton Tea set with "Votes for Women" printed on them Floral tea pots and cups in a shop in Fort Edmonton A newspaper from when Alberta became a province Shelves on bottles in Fort Edmonton A church in Fort Edmonton A collection of crockery on a shelf in Fort Edmonton A room in Fort Edmonton A room in Fort Edmonton Barrels against a wall, with Rum written on them The courtyard of the old trading fort in Edmonton

My Brother’s Breakfast

Okay, this is a bit of a weird one. But we went for breakfast at Under The High Wheel in Edmonton, and my brother’s breakfast was really attractive.

Pancakes and berries on a floral plate on a wooden table.

The Rocky Mountains

Lake Minnewanka Church in Banff Grizzly House restaurant, Banff Lake Louise Lake Louise Lake Louise Lake Minnewanka Lake Minnewanka Lake Minnewanka Lake Minnewanka Lake Minnewanka Lake Minnewanka Lake Minnewanka Banff Sweet Shoppe with a pink bike in front.

My Parents’ Garden

Wild roses in my parents' gardenA sculpture of 2 faces in my parents' garden Benedict the Gargoyle again Egyptian sculpture in my parents' garden. Benedict the Gargoyle in my parents' garden Sculptures of 2 couples in my parents' garden Wild roses in my parents' garden

Banff Sweet Shoppe with a pink bike in front.

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