Behind the scenes: August

September 1, 2018  • 

I’ve been neglecting this blog this month, but hey, that’s why I quit “blogging” in the first place — to allow for flexibility. So I’m proud of myself, overall, for continuing to treat blogging as a hobby, rather than an all-encompassing Thing.

I didn’t do a behind the scenes post in July because we spent most of the time in Canada, and the rest of the time doing nothing. But we managed to do things somewhat consistently in August!

August was defined a bit by trying new things.

We decided to cut down on our animal product consumption. It wasn’t perfect by any means, and a few times we did break down and eat some meaty meals. But we’ve mostly stuck to it during the week, and tried lots of great vegetarian and vegan food.

Ive also become really interested in vintage style, specifically the style during the 1940s. I’ve always been rather obsessed with WW2, ever since I started reading about it when I was 10 years old. I’ve always been drawn to the fashion, but I suppose I was too self conscious to wear too much of it. Well, now I’m throwing that caution away and sort of going for it.

Before and after showing my progress of curling my hair in a vintage style

I’ve made some good progress so far, as you can see in these photos. The first was my first attempt at a vintage hair style using a curling wand at the beginning of the month. The second was my first truly successful wet set using foam rollers! I even got a vintage haircut today (but it’s September now, so that’s a story for another post).

Near the beginning of the month it was Brighton Pride, and I meant to do a whole post dedicated to it, but time got away from me. I do have some Thoughts about it though, so hopefully I will post that one day. It was a lovely weekend, though!

Signs saying "Refugees Welcome" from 2018 Brighton Pride Two people carrying a LGBTQ pride flag, with "Theresa May is a Snake" written on it.

Speaking of LGBTQ representation, it was lovely to visit a gay pub near my office in London last week. The bathrooms we’re gender neutral, with walls covered in pro-LGBTQ and feminist chalk graffiti. And they had free menstrual products!

Looping back around to my interest in WW2, we’ve been watching loads of documentaries lately. This led to us visiting the Imperial War Museum when we were in London last weekend. Their WW2 section isn’t as informative as their WW1 section, but they have loads of artefacts, including a Spitfire! I was very excited.

An exhibit from the Imperial War Museum in London, depicting a typical family's sitting room during the Second World War. The interior of the Imperial War Museum, where a Spitfire is suspended in the air.

Following our visit (and a delicious dinner at Honest Burger) we went to see Britney Spears in concert! It was so much fun. Everyone was really supportive of everything she did, and just had a great time.

Britney Spears

So, that was August! I must admit, I’m being totally basic and really looking forward to autumn. I stocked up on my fave white hot chocolate with masala spices, which was half price as I believe it’s being discontinued to make room for this year’s winter flavours.

Three Mumbai Spice White Hot Chocolate containers

I also can’t believe how quickly the year has gone, as cliché as that is. It will be 2019 in no time!

Signs saying "Refugees Welcome" from 2018 Brighton Pride

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