An Introduction to Vintage Middy Hair Cuts

September 7, 2018  •  As I mentioned in my August behind the scenes post, I’ve been exploring my interest in vintage style recently. I meant to write a whole post about this, but… I haven’t yet. But I thought I’d get this one out there as the events in it are fairly recent!

One of the easiest ways to inject vintage style into modern life is to work with hair and makeup. There are loads of vintage-inspired hair and makeup tutorials online, and the entry level is quite low. Foam rollers are dirt cheap on Amazon and, with a little practice, 1940s curls aren’t that tricky to achieve on a basic level.

One thing that definitely helps, though, is a Middy style haircut. This is what ladies had done from the 30s-60s to help mould their curls into the desired shape. 

When I first heard of the Middy, I knew I needed this kind of technique to keep my curls from all falling at the same level and looking too modern. But it’s hard to find a hair stylist that will actually do a Middy style. Even here in Brighton, Land of Alternative Hair, I searched high and low. Finally, I came across Jay and Vybe Hair Design.

Jay was fantastic. He was familiar with the Middy style, but also knew the restrictions of such a style. He was able to apply modern techniques alongside the core of the Middy, to give me a bit of a hybrid. He also styled my hair into the lovely rolls seen in a couple of the photos in this post! 

(It should go without saying, given how many times I googled “where to get a Middy hair cut in Brighton,” and that I found Jay, that this post is in no way sponsored. I don’t even do sponsored posts anymore!)

It looked amazing when it was first done– but would I be able to replicate its full potential with my own 5-pound pink foam rollers and drugstore hairspray?

Yes, thankfully! I was worried at first that the shape itself might looked strange on days when I didn’t curl my hair. Luckily, this isn’t the case at all. It looks completely normal when my hair isn’t curled (although I do have wavy texture in my hair, which might help). 

And when doing my own solo wet set I’ve had fabulous results. Excuse the weird photos (it’s hard to snap your own hair), but, as you can see, the cut is giving me the perfect amount of curls around my face, whereas before they were all weighed down and ended at the same point. I’m also getting a nicer “roll” shape along the back.

I did this wet set rather quickly (4 hours driving time, and a very short brush out) so I can only imagine how nice it will look with an overnight set and a bit more styling! 

If you are interested in taking the plunge into vintage hair, I highly recommend a Middy cut. And if you’re in Brighton, I’d highly recommend Jay at Vybe Hair Design near Old Steine!

Thank you for reading!

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