September Behind the Scenes

September 27, 2018  • 

I mean… Can I even call these posts “behind the scenes” anymore if I’m not posting anything else? Probably not, but I’m doing it anyway.

September! Well, it’s truly autumn now, and the year is starting to wrap up. I can’t really believe it! 

I actually don’t have very much to report for this month! 

Car boots and country walks

We spent some time at Katy’s parents’ in Goring by Sea this month. Firstly, we had our first ever car boot sale! It’s like a garage sale, except a bunch of people gather in a field and set up a table next to their car. It was a lot of fun and Katy made about £100. I also snagged a couple cute china bits from Katy’s mom.

We also spent a couple of days watching their doggy, Max. I love going there to dog sit, as it’s nice and quiet and we can go for walks in the fields. 

Seeing Wicked… again

Katy and Poppy were both away one Friday, so I decided to treat myself and see Wicked… again. For the fifth time. Obviously it’s a favourite. 

I booked my ticket while on the train to work in the morning and managed to snag a cheap “restricted view” ticket in the 5th row. There were a few bits that were blocked by the cast members being too close – yeah, not exactly a problem! Since I’ve seen it so many times anyway, I could fill in the blanks. And it was amazing to be so close. I was in the 4th or 5th row centre the first time I saw it over 6 years ago. 

Vintage hair update

Things are still going strong on the granny hair front! I definitely have a system down and have more or less mastered my current brush out. 

Next I need to experiment more with backcombing and height. Then work up to more elaborate rolls. 

Thank you for reading!

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