Katy & Poppy do the Muddy Dog Challenge!

October 9, 2018  • 

Around this time last year, I heard about the Muddy Dog Challenge – a run and obstacle course set by Battersea to raise money for the dogs and cats they care for and re-home. Now runs and obstacle courses aren’t really my thing, so I basically volunteered Katy to participate. We registered in January (when they had a half price registration deal) and then we had 9 months to wait!

Part of the entry is raising at least £100 for Battersea, which we managed to do! Katy trained a bit for the running section of the event. And Poppy didn’t train at all because she is a doggy.

We ended up at the Tunbridge Wells event, as it’s closest to us. The weather that morning was gorgeous – sunny, but cool enough to run comfortably.

Katy and Poppy sitting in a field.
Poppy's Muddy Dog Challenge bandana
Poppy and Katy before.

Obviously I wasn’t out on the course with them, so these photos are from before and after. But Poppy did absolutely every obstacle, which surprised us! We weren’t sure she would do any, but she loved it. They completed the 5k course in an hour and 15 minutes. 

Crossing the finish line
Poppy before and after.

The next two days both of them were very sore, and Poppy spent most of the time napping! She was wiped out! I felt bad because we couldn’t explain post-exercise soreness to her, but she forgave us in the end! 

It’s safe to say that they both loved it enough, that we’re already planning for next year! 

Poppy's Muddy Dog Challenge bandana

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