October Behind the Scenes

October 31, 2018  • 

It’s another Behind the Scenes post! I know I said recently I was going to try to do bigger posts, and that’s still coming, but I need to get back into the habit of taking more photos to share. So while I work on that, I’m the quick monthly roundups will still be happening!

We knew that October would be a busy month for Katy, and she ended up working in another town for more than half of it. So at the beginning of the month we made sure to spend lots of time together, and one thing we did was have a Date Night making sushi at home!

Homemade sushi, with edamame and soy sauce.

I got a cheap sushi making kit off Amazon, and Katy picked up the ingredients. We did 2 vegan versions from our fave Bosh cookbook, and 2 fishy versions (Katy loves fish). I think we did pretty well, and it looked really cute!

I’m still exploring a lot with vintage fashion and style, although the sudden drop in temperature has had me reaching for my more modern jeans, t-shirts and straight hair recently. Still, I bought my first ever vintage handbag and I love it. 

A brown structured handbag with a lipstick and mirror compact next to it.

A week and a bit ago, everyone at work went out to celebrate Oktoberfest! We went all out, with everyone dressing up. I got a legitimate dirndl off Ebay for the same price I would have paid for one of the cheap Halloween costume-esque ones I saw on Amazon. 

Now, obviously for someone with coeliac disease, Oktoberfest is a risky place. I was absolutely covered in beer from some overzealous toasting! But I could actually eat a lot of the food on offer, and I didn’t end up being poisoned. 

I had to leave Oktoberfest rather early, though, because the next day I was meeting some my friends for lunch and a trip to Bletchley Park! We went to a really cute pub with a great gluten-free and vegan menu. Then we socialised for a very long time, until we realised we’d only have under an hour to look around Bletchley! 

The outside of the Bletchley Park mansion.
The inside of an office in the Bletchley Park mansion.

Needless to say, we didn’t see much once we actually made it there. But I loved what we did see, and we made plans to return in January. And I bought half the gift shop anyway!

Of course, since it was October, I tried to drink as many Pumpkin Spice Lattes as possible, although my main Starbuckses mostly ran out around the middle of the month. So unfair. 

Today Katy is back for at least the next 2 weeks, as she will be working in Brighton! I’m excited to have her and Poppy back, and feel a little less lonely. I should still have time in the evenings when she’s working to get cracking on my plans for this website though! 

Thank you for reading!

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