My Planner for Twenty Nineteen

November 9, 2018  • 

It’s November! Does that mean it’s socially acceptable to talk about the planner I’ve chosen for 2019? I think so! I’ve actually had this planner for over a month because getting excited about stationery is one of my hobbies. 

My desk with a blue A5 book with a navy colour. It says 2019 in gold foil on the cover.

I have yet to actually stick to one planner for an entire calendar year. I can get a little restless. A few years ago I had an Erin Condren for about half the year. I went all out, with sticker-filled layouts that I designed each week. But once we got Poppy in July, it was much too difficult to sit around cutting out stickers with a puppy gnawing at me every minute. (Here are a few examples: one, two, three, four, five, six.)

I started this year with an Imperfect Life Planner, which I loved, but it has an hourly planner and I never have enough things to schedule in a day, so a lot of it went unused! 

Finally, I went down the route of a bullet journal. I loved the being able to create my own layout. I tend to prefer a weekly to-do list, as I usually have general tasks to complete, but not many that have hard deadlines. Then I like to have smaller spaces for each day to write down events and the few time-sensitive tasks on specific dates. 

This worked well for me for a while, until I would forget to create the layout for the following week, which meant I wouldn’t be using any planner at all for a week. At this point, I’m just making daily to-do lists in my notebook. 

After all that rambling, I bet you’re excited to see what I’ve decided to go with for 2019 (or not). 

I came across the A5 Inspiration planner on the Kikki K website. I liked its vintage art deco hard cover with gold foiling. Then I was very excited to see the weekly layout which is very similar to my bullet journal layout – a general to-do list for the week with small spaces for each day and extra space for tracking meals, habits and goals (like my old Erin Condren). 

Weekly layout in the Kikki K A5 Inspiration planner

And, like the Imperfect Life planner, it’s very goals-focused, providing space at the beginning of the year and each quarter to set objectives and plan ways to work toward them, and space to reflect at the end of each month and quarter. 

Quarterly goal planning in the A5 Kikki K Inspiration Planner

Similar to a bullet journal, it has notes pages at the end, and several have prompts! For example, healthy meal ideas, things to try, and books to read. In fact, each month has space to plan which books to read – something I’m excited about as it’s a goal to read more on my commute.

Healthy meal ideas page in the A5 Kikki K Inspiration planner

Can you believe how perfectly this planner seems to fit all of my requirements? I can’t either! 

Needless to say, I am counting down the days until January 1st… or, at the very least, my Christmas break when I can start filling in the important dates for the year!

Weekly layout in the Kikki K A5 Inspiration planner

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