We Went to Italy!

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So November and December have been weird months. I will talk about that at another time though. I just realised it’s been a month since we went to Italy, and that I hadn’t posted about it on here! If you’ve seen my Instagram, it’s mostly been Italy photos for the past month though. So some of these may be repeats. 

The cutest gelato shop
Inside the cutest gelato shop

I booked the trip in August for Katy’s birthday which was on November 19th. She’d never been to Rome, and I loved it when I went for Christmas several years ago. Plus I was craving some amazing gluten-free Italian food. 

It was a bit of a lengthy trip (4 whole days!), so we also were able to do a day trip to Pompeii, which I hadn’t done last time. I also took Katy to all the main attractions. The last time I was in Rome, the Trevi fountain was under refurbishment, so I actually hadn’t seen it without loads of scaffolding and plexi-glass before! 

Trevi fountain
Katy and I at the Colosseum
Forum and Palatino area
A street in Rome
Arancini from Mama Eat

We had some amazing food, of course. For Katy’s birthday meal we went to Crispi 19, which was quite posh. Katy had a whole seafood tasting menu, which she loved. We also had pizza a few times. And gelato! I mean, all of this is probably obvious. It was Italy, after all. Of course everything shown here is gluten free! 

Calzone from Mama Eat
Nutella fried dough from Moma Eat
Bits from a gluten free bakery near Termini

For our trip to Pompeii, we took a quite fancy train from Rome to Naples. Then we took literally the oldest commuter train on Earth to Pompeii itself. We were starving when we got there, but there were no transport links into town, so we ate at a tourist trap that was laughably bad. Like we literally only tipped them because it was so hilarious. 

I liked Pompeii a lot more than I thought I would, though! It was Katy’s idea to go, but I’d never had a particular interest. It was really cool. The town itself seemed pretty advanced considering it was nearly 2000 years ago. The fact that art has been preserved on walls since then was a bit mind blowing. Their attitudes toward sex were so progressive even compared to today’s standards! We didn’t see all of the site (although we did cover a large chunk) and Katy has talked about going back to do the whole thing. She really loved it. 

A sunny day in Pompeii
Baths in Pompeii
Art in Pompeii
Pottery in Pompeii

Apart from the very long day trip to Pompeii and back, and our pre-booked trip to the Vatican, our holiday was very chilled out. We got up when we were ready, headed to different attractions casually, took a few Ubers for easy transport. It was really nice. 

Vatican Museum ceiling
A long golden hallway in the Vatican
The spiral staircase in the Vatican

We probably won’t have another big holiday for a while – which, again, I will get into at a later date. So it was nice to have a few days away that were practically perfect! 

The cutest gelato shop

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