Everything Changes Again

December 22, 2018  •  ,

You may have noticed that I’ve been a bit quiet since the beginning of November. Or maybe you’ve enjoyed the break. I’ve definitely pulled back a bit from social media – I popped my Twitter account on private and haven’t been posting much on Instagram, even Stories. 

A lovely print that says "Dreams Don't Work Unless You Do" made by lizjowen on Etsy and Twitter!
A lovely print that says “Dreams Don’t Work Unless You Do” made by Lizzie. Find her on Etsy and Twitter!

Or you may have noticed some changes to this website. I know I was only recently talking about plans to make it a hub for all my online stuff. Just as quickly as I consolidated everything, I pulled it back apart and put all of my work onto its own portfolio website. With that bit of information, you can probably guess what happened in early November! 

I lost my job. (It’s OK, I got a new one.) The workload at my old company was too sporadic, so they decided to outsource it on a more ad hoc basis. Fair enough, that’s business. I half saw it coming, and at the same time was completely shocked by it. 

It’s completely shaken up every aspect of my life, to be honest! Firstly, I was working for a London-based company, but I worked remotely at least 3 days a week. London salaries are a lot higher than Brighton ones, plus I was able to stay home with Poppy. Now, I will be making a Brighton wage and working full time in an office. I’m excited to go back to a more traditional office setting, but it will definitely be an adjustment!

It was also really upsetting because I loved the people I worked with, and I never got to see them again. My boss wanted me to come in to say goodbye, but it was too emotional of an idea for me to consider. So I sort of left things hanging there.

My confidence was also knocked quite a bit, which made getting on my feet and starting to earnestly apply to positions with my best foot forward take a while longer than I hoped. 

Anyway, there’s nothing like big, life-altering news– especially right before Christmas– to get you to rethink your life, choices, and priorities. My planner for 2019 says “What would you do if you could not fail” on the cover, and that’s become my mantra. It’s given me the opportunity to make a concrete decision about the path I want my career to take. It’s given Katy and I incentive to really reexamine our finances and start working on a plan toward buying a place. It’s going to be a year of taking steps backward in order to move forward, but also a year of trying new things and going in new directions.

Last week, I had not one, but two job offers from really great companies. And I accepted one with a company that works on really cool products. The specifics of what they work on is a bit of a departure from what I’ve been doing lately. I’m really excited for a new challenge and to explore this new area of technology.

So, after a month and a half of things looking a tad bleak, it’s all starting to look up. I can finally get into the Christmas spirit (I bought all the food yesterday which is the best bit!). And I’m going to be going into 2019 with a completely fresh start! I can’t wait to start filling out my new planner with my goals for the year.

Thank you for reading!

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  • John Brock

    I am so glad that you have a scope on your and Katy’s future. It is scary when one loses a job but remember a person with the talents you have will always find new work. Sometimes it may take longer. This job sounds innovative and with your help the company will prosper and can last as many years as long as you keep it fresh and up to date. In that I say maybe you can be employed with them you whole working life. Rock on Ashy!!!