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December 30, 2018  • 

‘Tis the season for a round-up, so I thought I would share some of my favourite Instagram accounts! Instagram is my favourite social media platform, because I am very visual and love taking photos. I’ve neglected it a bit the last few months, which is something I want to fix in 2019.

Earlier in the year, I made more of a conscious effort to follow accounts that I really enjoy. I streamlined my feed a lot. So I have a constant stream of inspiring accounts.

For this post, I’ve tried to pick a variety that shows the type of accounts I follow!

Hello Miss Jordan

I’ve followed Jordan for years and this year she really seemed to hit her stride with Instagram! Her account is gorgeous, and one of the few I follow that are colourful, fun and a tad indulgent.

You can feel the time, effort and energy that Jordan puts into creating each of her images. Her trip to Florida late this year really went above and beyond, and looked like a complete fantasy.

Disney should just hire her to promote them, because it really made me want to dress in tulle and twirl around one of their parks.


I’ve known Amber for over a decade now, which blows my mind a little bit.

I’ve loved following her adventures (mostly around London) this year. Her feed is all gorgeous architecture and stunning flowers. I can’t wait for spring to return to get my garden fix from Amber’s account. But I’ve also adored everything she’s posted these last few flower-free months.

Rhyme and Ribbons

Amanda‘s photos feel completely magical, but in a more subtle way. Where some accounts are pure fantasy, hers feels very real even when she’s hovering a few inches above the pavement, dressed as Mary Poppins.

I love the richness of the colours in her photos, and how she uses a darker palette.


Besides the more traditional Instagram accounts shared above, I also follow quite a few designers. As a designer, it’s important to surround myself with others in the industry to keep on top of trends, be inspired, and get feedback.

Cat is one of my favourite designers to follow because of the way she manages to mesh samples of her work with lifestyle shots to create a cohesive feed. This is always something I’ve wanted to do, but has felt messy to me. I’ve also seen others try it, with similar messy results. But Cat manages to strike the balance brilliantly.

Madame Rhos

I played a lot with vintage fashion in the second half of the year, and Instagram has been invaluable for providing both inspiration and education on building a vintage look and style.

One of my favourite accounts for this purpose has been Nicole‘s. Her outfits are classic, and not too over-the-top or costume-like. But she is still very creative with her shots, focusing on more than just the outfit, but on creating a vintage feeling.

I’m really looking forward to adding a few new accounts to my feed for the New Year. In particular, I want to follow more designers. I’d also love to follow some accounts that feature more slow living and environmentalism.

For my own account, I’m looking forward to spending more time in central Brighton again! I’d also love to explore more of England in the summer. Maybe even make it to a 1940s event or two!

Thank you for reading!

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