My Favourite Photos of the Year

December 31, 2018  • 

Ok, it’s a bit Instagram heavy around here right now, but the end of the year is all about those roundup posts!

As I mentioned in my post about my favourite Instagrammers of the year, I mentioned that I’ve neglected my account in the later part of the year. And man, has it shown! I was averaging 100-200 likes per photo (with a modest 900-1k follower count) mid-year. Now I am lucky to scrape 100. This is simply down to less use. At the peak, I was posting images 3 times per day and engaging loads. This tapered off a bit once summer ended, and then with recent changes in my life ended completely.

One of my resolutions is to pick up a camera again, so I’m trying to get more involved with the platform. My stories were virtually silent for the months of November and December. So I created this image to share there, and decided to share it here as well!

Without further waffle, here are my favourite photos that I posted on Instagram this year.

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