Returning to Office Life After Two and a Half Years

February 10, 2019  •  ,

I’ve officially been back to working in an office Monday to Friday, 9 to 5, for a month! So I thought I’d write a little post about how I am adjusting to this return to what most people find to be a “normal” routine.

I can’t lie… I’m really enjoying it! For one, I previously was working 9-6, so even just having the work day be an hour shorter has been a very positive change. The hours go by very quickly both by virtue of this slightly shorter day, the fact that I tend to take lunch from 1 until 2 (which means my afternoon is only 3 hours long), and just because I enjoy what I’m doing so much and enjoy my colleagues.

A cup of tea on a marble counter

It’s still a slightly atypical office set up, in some ways. We’re in a private space that’s part of PLATF9RM near Brighton Station. The vibe there is quite cool because there’s a mix of different businesses that are mostly creative. Some people work solo, or in small teams, in open co-working space. And then there are mid-sized companies like the one I work for that work in little office spaces. But it’s pretty flexible. I can go test a prototype in a little phone booth away from prying eyes (and ears) while I’m yelling at Alexa. I can sit in the quiet room and do some writing. My personal favourite thing to do is sit in the co-working area around 4. That’s typically when I hit a bit of a wall, and also when I have usually wrapped up my major task for the day and often am just reading and researching. While our office space has fluorescent lighting, the co-working areas have softer lighting, so it’s a nice way to wind down for the day and avoid any headaches from harsh light once the sun starts going down.

An office with a bold patterned floor and two orange chairs

But I mostly enjoy sitting at my proper desk with colleagues around. It’s a lot less lonely than working remotely, and I still manage to stay fairly focused.

I’m enjoying other little things, like having a commute which allows me to wake up a bit more before starting my day. And I’ve been enjoying batch cooking lunch for the week so I’m not spending money eating out, and I’m having something healthy and delicious each day.

Obviously there are some things I miss. I really miss being able to take a break and snuggle with Poppy or have a chat with Katy. As much as I like my colleagues, they’re not the same as my little family! There are mornings when getting out of bed and leaving the flat are very difficult – it’s been a real adjustment knowing that I have to get up and leave the house for 9 hours every day. I miss deciding I just want to work in leggings and a sweatshirt. Not that I think my colleagues would mind too much, as we don’t have a dress code, and everyone is very casual. I do miss having a bit more alone time. Just because sometimes I am grumpy and don’t want to have to deal with people! Or if I feel like something isn’t working the way I’d want it to, I used to cure this by hiding under my duvet for a few minutes. That’s not really possible in a proper office environment!

I definitely think that there are pros and cons to both working in an office or working remotely. I think most people have a very strong opinion one way or the other, but I don’t! I’ve worked in offices before, and I’ve worked remotely, and I think I can easily adapt to both. I can’t say I won’t return to remote work in the future. For now I am enjoying office life though!

A cup of tea on a marble counter

Thank you for reading!

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  • Glad you are enjoying the office life. I know for me it’s the opposite lol i would enjoy working remotely than being in an office 9-5 but like you said as I can too adapt to both. I think everyone has a preference 😀 and so happy you are enjoying your workspace.