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When we moved into our current flat a year ago in April, I had no idea that we would be leaving it so soon. The shortest period I’ve stayed in a flat was 1.5 years in the little studio I had when I first moved to Brighton. Katy and I were convinced we would want to stay at our current place for at least 2 years. We love it there.

But life isn’t always fair and when my job situation changed in November so did our financial situation. We could still afford the flat, but the problem is that we wouldn’t be able to afford to save any money. Not being able to save would put us in a very vulnerable position. Also, one of the main perks of the flat is having a garden for Poppy. But Poppy was spending more and more time away from home as we had to work more to pay for the flat with the garden! It’s a bit of a vicious circle.

The stars aligned in a few ways though. Poppy spends a lot of time at Katy’s parents’ house. They love having her and she loves being there. So it wasn’t hard for them to agree when we suggested they take her while we sorted things out… and then, of course, we included ourselves in the deal!

My clothes, ready to be sorted via the Konmari method.

We’re very lucky that Katy’s parents agreed that moving in with them to save was a good idea. We will have a much better shot at saving some money for a mortgage deposit than we ever would renting in central Brighton!

Of course, there are obvious sacrifices. We will be going from living in a rather large flat to cramming ourselves into a bedroom. Our plan is to store as much of our stuff as possible at Katy’s parents’ house, so we don’t need to pay for storage, but it will all be off-limits in the loft. We’re now in the process of a major downsize.

That means, posting things on Gumtree and dealing with all the ridiculous responses. And deciding which things to keep, which to donate and which have seen better days and belong in a bin. This weekend I Konmari’d my clothing (hence the photo above) and my Important Papers. We’re about to learn a big lesson about minimalism and deciding what is worth holding onto. It will be challenging, but ultimately worthwhile, and I keep reminding myself how lucky we are to have this opportunity to get ahead!

My clothes, ready to be sorted via the Konmari method.

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  • Pam

    Have you watched the Marie Kondo show on Netflix? It’s all the rage here and because of it I scored some great books for our library. Changes that lead to the good in the long run are worth it.