A Very Brief Visit to Switzerland

March 24, 2019  •  ,

Last week, I went on my first work trip with my new job. We were kicking off a new project, so we needed to visit the offices of our client in Switzerland. It was a very brief trip, but I snapped a few photos that I thought I would share.

While most of the visit was spent in a meeting room, we did see a few little bits. Our first night was spent in Zurich. We ate raclette and walked along the river near our hotel. The next morning, I made sure to wake up extra early (5am UK time!) so I could wander around the area a bit more.

We spent the next day and most of Friday in Rapperswil, which is about 40 minutes from Zurich by train. It’s a small town that we were able to circle a few times despite mostly being in the aforementioned meeting!

Near our hotel was a very cute café called Good which made really nice chai lattes and had free Wifi, so we stopped here a couple of times to have a drink and get some work done.

On the morning before we flew home, I woke up very early again to pop to the Coop to buy some Swiss chocolate to bring back. I was so early that Starbucks wasn’t open, which led me to wander up near the hauptplatz, or main square. As I reached the top of the square, where a large staircase led up to a church and the castle, the church bells started to ring. It was pouring rain, so I was going to head back to the hotel, but I thought about how likely it was that I’d only ever be here once. So I climbed the stairs as the church bells rang, and enjoyed the views from the top.

My overall impression of Switzerland was positive. It was very clean, almost improbably so. The buildings were lovely. It didn’t give the impression of being a place you’d go for an adventure and activity packed holiday, but I liked that. I like the idea of a calm holiday where you just walk around, café hop and take photos. It’s very expensive though! I am glad my work paid for my food and shelter. The one time I branched out and bought my own Starbucks, a white mocha and a panini cost me the equivalent of £14!

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  • I love your pictures! I miss the architecture of Europe so much! When I was a child my Dad was posted to Germany and we used to spend Christmas and March breaks often in Switzerland. I loved it! I remember the fresh cold air in the winter and spring and the snow in the mountains. We used to stay in a Chalet in Lucern and ski. I so badly want to go back and your pictures just reminded me all the more of how I want to take my husband to Europe as he’s never been.