A Summer To Do List

April 28, 2019  • 

Technically it’s only spring, so this is more of a “warm months” to do list. Basically I wanted to put down some things I want to do while the days are long and (relatively) pleasant.

Go Exploring

Since we’ve moved to farther west, there’s a whole bunch of new places to visit along the south coast. I want to go back to Chichester and Arundel. And I’ve never been beyond the train station (actually, Ikea…) in Southampton.

Closer to home, I want to go for long walks on the beaches and fields near where we live.

Try Some Arts and Crafts

Something about living in the suburbs, next to the rolling fields and seaside, with our closest amenities being a small village, makes me want to do wholesome activities away from the computer. I would like to try to cross stitch. A 5 minute walk from us, there is a cafe that does ceramic painting. And I’ve been taking some time to sit down with my hand lettering workbook.

A very tall succulent in a pot on a windowsill.

Get My Cameras Out

I mostly take photos on my phone, but I also have a Canon G7X and a Canon DSLR which are gathering a bit of dust. I really want to charge them up and take them when we go out. I recently read Sara Tasker’s book, Hashtag Authentic, which has sparked the photography bug for me again. (Note to self: write a post about how much I loved this book!)

Try to Propagate My Succulent

I have a succulent that is so tall that I’m not sure it will be able to support its weight much longer! I know it’s a bit risky, but I want to try to cut off the top bit and re-root it, and then try to propagate some plant babies from some remaining leaves.

I haven’t done much with growing plants, so I don’t really know if my thumb is more green or black. It will be an interesting experiment!

Those are the main things I want to try! I’m also working on a few projects such as revamping Poppy’s Instagram account and hopefully getting back into posting on my design Instagram. I’d also like to get back into writing some of the Accessibility Guides that I used to do a couple of years ago.

Of course, we all know how I love to make big plans and then not follow through, so we will see what happens!

Thank you for reading!

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