Women in [Blank]

Tech. Sport. Male-dominated Industry of your choice.

These are all things that end up filling in the blank.

Last night I sat in Wembley Stadium and watched as England’s women’s football team redefined football in this country and won the first major championship any English team has won in decades.

The idea of “women in anything” is archaic.

I don’t mean to say that we’ve achieved equality or anything. Far from it. But we have reached a point in our understanding of gender to realise it isn’t just women who are at a disadvantage, but pretty much anyone who isn’t a cisgender male.

We’ve proven that we’re just as capable as men, but we’re still being stuck in these little boxes separate from them. Little boxes that also exclude our closest ally – people who identify as a gender different from the sex they were assigned at birth, or those who don’t identify with a particular gender at all.

I’d love to see a change. I’d love to stop being invited to “Women in X” groups and events, and start being involved in activities that are geared toward anyone seeking to take a step into a traditionally male-dominated industry while not being a cisgender male.

We need to stop this practice of putting some people in one box, some in another and leaving the rest to fend for themselves.