A little bit about myself

Hi there, I’m Aisling

Born and raised in Canada, I’ve lived in the UK since mid-2013. I’ve had a personal website and blog on and off since 2000 when I first started teaching myself HTML as a hobby. I love to cook, write and take photographs. I’m also interested in the 1940s and vintage style.  This website is an extension of all of those hobbies, and any more I may want to document!

When I’m not designing, I can be found with a hot drink, snapping photos for Instagram, or spending time with my partner, Katy, and our dog, Poppy.


I’m a creative designer and coder

With seven years experience designing in marketing agencies and for startups and products, I have the experience and know-how to bring your vision to life.

I began my career as a front-end developer, learning the ins and outs of code to craft valuable user experiences. This technical background, combined with a love for the psychology behind the way people use the Internet, is the solid foundation on which I build my web projects.

Over the years, my passions have grown and I now spend the majority of my time living and breathing all things branding and design. Together we can bring out the best in your brand, and apply it to everything from your logo, your online presence, your printed materials and more. I can also supply copywriting services to exisiting design clients.

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