Our Garden + 5 Years in England

June 23, 2018  •  ,
When I got home from working in London last night, I was surprised to see a welcome mat outside our front door. As I descended the stairs from the street, I saw that Katy had added a little tree to our front doorway outdoor space. And there was a window box filled with daisies perched on our bedroom windowsill. I snapped some photos and went inside to find her waiting, obviously excited. Then she took me into the garden to show me the little garden makeover surprise that she had completed while I had been away. I burst into tears….
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Literally Living The Dream

June 7, 2018  • 
Sometimes life can feel like it’s made up of little annoyances. There are bills to pay, chores to do, and just so many responsibilities. It can be so easy to get into a mental slump about all these little things bugging you. It can be so easy to lose perspective. Sometimes I see high school girls and I am just hit with the realisation that I will never be 16 again and in fact, I’ve nearly doubled that age. I initially think of how it doesn’t seem like it was that long ago, but if I┬áreally think about it, the…
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Playing with Film

June 5, 2018  • 
Like most of us, I haven’t really touched a film camera since everything went digital, and especially since I can take amazing photos on my phone (a Google Pixel 2, if you were wondering). A few years ago, I bought a trio of disposable cameras on a whim and then promptly popped them in a box and forgot about them. When we moved flats at the beginning of April I unearthed them. I decided to just take the camera out while I walked Poppy. Some of these photos are from a Saturday walking around Hove and some are from our…
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