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There’s No Such Thing as a GirlBoss

July 5, 2018  • 
Note: This post was originally published on my blog in December 2016. I’ve actually thrown away (actually, I donated it, but you get the idea) my copy of #GirlBoss since then, hence the lack of updated images of the book itself! Girlboss. This is a term I’ve seen absolutely everywhere the last few years. It makes sense to see it in the blogging world as bloggers tend to be quite entrepreneurial. We’re all here building our own little empires. Still, it’s a term that’s always irked me a bit. Why GIRL boss. Why not just the boss? If we must…
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What Do You Actually Do?

July 2, 2018  •  ,
I’ve been working as a designer for just over seven years now. That’s a substantial chunk of my life, at this point. And my job is a pretty important aspect of who I am. When I tell people that I’m a designer, I can tell there’s a bit of interest there. I tend to brush it off with a comment about “making things pretty.” But there’s so much more than that. With social media, I feel like more and more people are talking about their jobs, but not about what they¬†actually do. Just knowing that I’m a designer isn’t really…
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