Frequently Asked Questions


What happened to all your old blog posts?

In early 2018, I consolidated all of my websites into one. As a result, a bunch of posts were left behind. Some will make a comeback at some point, and many of my design/dev posts are still available.

Do you accept sponsored posts or other third-party marketing on your blog?

On my previous blogs, I wrote posts in collaborations with brands. I don’t really plan on doing that this time around.

Design work

How much will my project cost?

Due to the unique nature of every project, I cannot provide static pricing on this website. However, I am open to discussion about any project. Contact me with your requirements and I will do our best to work within your budget!

Which platforms do you work with?

There are plenty of platforms to choose from and I believe in finding the right fit for the client and the project. I personally enjoy working with WordPress, as it has an extensive community around it and is extremely flexible. But I also work with clients on platforms such as Squarespace and Shopify.

Can you help me migrate to a different platform?

Of course! I can help migrate your content from nearly any platform. In some cases, existing themes may also be moveable. Get in contact for a quote.

How long have you been designing and coding?

I began designing and coding in the early 2000s as a hobby, before pursuing it in post-secondary studies in 2009. Since 2011 I have worked in marketing agencies and in application startups as both a web designer and front-end web developer full time.